Destination Chile

Destination Chile

I’ve just returned from a great program at the Metro AngularJS,实现contenteditable的双向绑定 Atlanta Chamber cheap jerseys of Commerce on trade and investment in Chile.   From 1991-99 I traveled to Chile on a regular basis for the Mead Corporation helping to build out and set up the business.  In the past few ligne years I’ve been up and wholesale nfl jerseys down Chile from Santiago to Puerto Mott, Punta Arenas and seen more of the smaller towns.  (You can see some of our Chilean photos on our Facebook page.) 

Ambassador Jose Goni presented a compelling story of economic development, reduction in poverty rates, investment protection, industry Kodi and LLC trade incentives.  Kathleen wholesale nfl jerseys Barclay, 08’ from the Chilean/American Chamber of Commerce discussed opportunities for incubator and introductory services Off for companies in PHP multiple business sectors including services, mining, agriculture, technology, green tech and bio tech to name a few.

For those of you looking to expand into the markets in Latin America Chile may be a very attractive destination.  For more information give us a call or check the listing of websites at the Chilean embassy site.

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