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Birchtree Global increases the financial and operational performance of clients by establishing them in new markets, increasing workforce productivity, and providing specialized research.

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  • You work with business executives with extensive, boots-on-the-ground experience in over 100 countries.
  • Our peer-reviewed, legal, financial, tax, and human resources executives are leaders in global business strategy and tactics.
  • Our training is exceptionally effective because we use client profiled, Fortune 500, C-Suite executives as trainers and coaches.
  • Our customized, award-winning research provides insights into global market economics, market entry, tax strategy, human capital performance.
  • Since 1999 Birchtree global has been a trusted global brand and thought leader providing flexible, scalable solutions that increase the financial performance of our clients.
As an entrepreneur, I have turned regularly to Birchtree Global for reliable and effective help and information in building my business plans and for ongoing advice regarding domestic and global corporate growth strategies. In our current expansion plan at The Ride, Birchtree Global will continue to be a trusted partner.
Richard Humphrey, CEO/CCO, The Ride, LLC