History of Birchtree Global

The idea for Birchtree Global was born at the Hard Rock Café, in Shanghai, China in 1998. Janet Walsh and her colleagues, women industry leaders on a state visit to China, lamented the lack of independent global, business advisory services. They wanted advice from business people who knew how to globalize strategy, businesses, and people. Global advice always seemed to be coming from a company with a “one size fits all” product to sell, which did not always a great fit for their companies.

A year later, in 1999 Birchtree Global was launched to provide independent, strategic, business, and HR services to globalizing businesses.   From our beginning at the World Trade Center Association in Atlanta we have grown our operations to include an Eastern office in Bedford Hills, NY, and a Western office in Denver, CO.

In 2018, if your business is going global, we can help in three ways:

Globalizing Strategy

To enter a new market in 2018 you must outperform foreign competitors, but also growing, local businesses.  If you don’t have a global strategy, you won’t know how to make decisions that increase revenue, reduce costs, or improve personnel operating effectiveness.   Each country has unique requirements for market entry, company registration, unique tax infrastructure, regulations, as well as a uniquely different employer/employee legal relationship.   Typical consequences of a poor global business strategy include unintended permanent establishments, high tax costs, excessive personnel and expatriate costs, inability to hire top talent, high financial risk, and legislative non-compliance.  To learn more about entering new global markets, see our case study of Koopmans entry into the US on this site.

Birchtree Global can create or review your global business strategy to make sure you know the current legal, financial, tax, and HR implications of your decisions.  Birchtree Global executives have opened business offices in more than 100 countries.  They have led very small, six-person companies to the top of the INC 500, as well as Fortune 250 companies.  They provide unique, corporate expertise on globalization, and significant experience in crafting global strategy. This expertise is particularly valuable for businesses with little global expertise.

Private equity organizations can develop a significant financial advantage by utilizing our experience to develop their HR strategy and improve buy/sell transactions.  Our current, peer-reviewed, research shows the financial performance of private equity companies is higher in companies with well-crafted, HR strategic plans.  Call us or view the information on this site for more information about our current private equity financial performance.  Call us at 01 (914) 218-3149 to talk to a corporate expert in globalizing strategy.

Globalizing Business

Once your firm has made the decision to globalize, you’ll want to know how to establish your business in a foreign country.  Each client is unique and requires a unique group of resources to optimize their market entry.  Since 1999, Birchtree Global has maintained relationships with peer-reviewed, in-country professionals with specific expertise in your industry.  Together we will register your business with the government, tax, and labor authorities, operationalize functional strategies, legal infrastructure, employee contracts, payrolls, global pensions, and insurances so you can be up and producing quickly and cost effectively.

This may be your first time globalizing a business or your first time working internationally in a functional capacity.  If so, wouldn’t it be helpful to have a partner to talk to whose done these activities hundreds of times?  Need to talk to an expert on market entry in Cuba, China, India, Germany and 96 other countries.  Give us a call at 01 (914) 218-3149 and we’ll put you on the phone with someone whose been there.  For more information see our global webinars on this site, or ask for one of our white papers on increasing financial performance in global business.

Globalizing People

It is the people that transform a domestic business into a global business.  But what if your leadership doesn’t have much experience in global business operations?  That’s where we can help.  Birchtree executives have C-Suite, corporate experience managing global HR operations and growing Fortune 500 businesses.  We can help you create a global HR strategic plan and understand the employer/employee legal relationship in a foreign country.  We can show you how to comply with foreign statutory requirements, data protection requirements, and make informed decisions about permanent establishments, and payroll processing.  We can train you and your workforce on the 20 critical issues you must manage as a global HR leader.  Best of all, we’ll build this knowledge base specifically, so you’ll have the global HR leadership expertise to partner with your senior leadership and guide HR operations. For a copy of our “Global 20 tm” overview of globalizing your HR function, call us at 01 (914) 218-3149.

Our executive leadership has trained HR leaders in global market entry from such prestigious HR organizations such as Colorado’s Employer’s Council, and the Society for Human Resources Management.  Birchtree HR executives have created HR curriculum for universities such as Keller Graduate School’s global MBA program, Manhattanville College, Kennesaw State University, the World Trade Center Association, and New York Institute of Technology.  We’ve developed corporate-wide global training programs for high-performing companies such as ADP, UPS, and JM Huber Corporation. See our case study summary on ADP for more information.

Birchtree executives are thought leaders presenting at more than 50 professional and peer-reviewed conferences around the world.  This information is used by HR and business executives to make market entry decisions, to understand globalization, economic trends, and increase financial performance.  For a copy of our latest journal published research on “Success Characteristics of HR in Cuba Market Entry”, call us at 01 (914) 218-3149, and we’ll send you the paper.

Representative Customers

Birchtree is Proud to Service the Following Clients:

  • ADP
  • A4A Mobile
  • Abound Solar
  • Alcatel-Lucent
  • Alico
  • Allison Transmission
  • Andrews Technologies
  • Arinso International
  • Aspen Pharma
  • AVA Solar
  • Blossman Gas
  • Blue Sky
  • BP
  • Brady Ware
  • Business TV Channel
  • Caridian BCT
  • CH2M Hill
  • China Venture Finance
  • City of Fort Collins
  • Clear
  • Coca Cola Company
  • Coors
  • CP Kelco Corporation
  • Crocs
  • Curves
  • Dartmouth Club
  • Dell
  • Deloitte Touche
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Desert Plastics, LLC
  • Devry University
  • Dogwood Festival
  • Doosan
  • DTRI
  • Econergy
  • EMS Technologies
  • Ernst and Young
  • Evergreen Packaging
  • Gross Duke Nelson
  • Harborent
  • Howden
  • Intelsat
  • IQ Navigator
  • ISP Corporation
  • Jenny Craig
  • JM Huber Corporation
  • Just Right Surgical
  • Keller Graduate School
  • Kenyon International
  • Koopman International
  • L’Oreal
  • Lectra
  • Lerch Bates
  • LioChem
  • Local Matters
  • MARC-Munich Re Group
  • Maxis Medical
  • Med Sim
  • Michelin
  • Microtech MD
  • Molnlycke Health Care
  • MSEC
  • MedSim
  • MTI
  • MuRata
  • Newmont Mining
  • Pearl DC
  • Pelco
  • Perfect Health Insurance UK
  • Price Waterhouse Global
  • Prudential
  • Radix Technologies
  • Raytheon
  • Robert Piguet
  • Rock River
  • RTD Denver
  • SecureWorks
  • SHRM
  • Skinit
  • Southwest Windpower
  • Telkom Caribe
  • The Linc Group
  • The RIDE
  • The Wilson Agency
  • Topcon
  • Totally Expat
  • Trackabout
  • Transnetyx
  • TriNet
  • Traxys
  • UPS
  • Zodiac Aerospace