Ten Second Global HR Snack…Maximizing Training Budget

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If you are struggling to fit all your company’s training needs into your budget, here is a thought you might want to consider.

What if you could train all your people for free?  At Harvard/MIT/Colombia?  You might just be able to do that….Consider the following
10 second Global HR Snack suggestion….

Need more good training suggestions?  Give us a call or email us, we’re happy to share our global, 100+ country and 500+client experience.

Capital Group Research Future Trends-2030

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As part of our ongoing research, we attended a very well researched presentation by the Capital Group. Thanks to Kathy Nalywajko, Senior Vice President. She has graciously let me share this copy with our readers. One of the areas researchers identified was a surprise to me…..Were you surprised at any of the trends?? Let me know.

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International Executive Resource Group Virtual Chapter Meeting-Invitation

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You are all invited to a special International Executive Resource Group (IERG) Virtual Chapter Meeting on Thursday, May 23, 2019 @ 12 Noon EST for two expert presentations and discussions. Please join our Virtual Chapter meeting featuring thought-provoking presentations and interactive discussions. Dr. Janet L. Walsh, CEO & President, Birchtree Global LLC. New York, Atlanta & Denver, “Linking HR Infrastructure, Technology, and Communications to Increase Financial Performance – Research Results” Constantinos (Costas) Stavropoulos, Business Consultant, Institute of Management Consultants, and International (IMCI) Delegate. Athens, Greece. “Developing International Opportunities.” Joint participation & moderation by John Lowe IERG Members and their Guests are very welcome to participate in this session. Free but all must register in advance. Bring your questions. Come and Join the Conversation! REGISTER:

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Rotary Means Business Goes Global

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Globalizing your business? Concerned about picking the right business partner in a foreign country? Consider Rotary Means Business (RMB) and how it might help your business.
In this one minute global HR thought we talk about the advantages of Rotary Means Business.

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May 1, Blockchain, Fintech, and AI Symposium in New York City

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For those in businesses affected by AI, I encourage you to attend the May 1, Blockchain, Fintech, and AI Symposium in New York.  It will be a consolidated view of how these technologies affect business operations at the strategic and operational level.  It’s a fast way to get up to speed on how these changing technologies affect you and your job.

For those in the ACG or with products or companies interested in selling to Blockchain, Fintech, or AI companies, there will be an opportunity for you to present your value proposition to interested investors.  View the program below and see the opportunities.

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World Trade Day Conference-Atlanta, May 3

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Flags from around the world on poles







Join the Birchtree Global leadership team at the 3rd Annual World Trade Day Conference in Atlanta on May 3.  Expand your business horizons and markets with the support of trade experts in the fast-growing Atlanta market.  See you there!!event/2019/5/3/save-the-date-3rd-annual-world-trade-day-conference-networking-event

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Congratulations Terrence Xu!

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Congratulations to Terrence Xu from Fordham University for winning the ACG Cup yesterday!  Despite stiff competition from the NYU, Baruch, Pace, and St. John teams, and having lost his teammates, Terrence went on to deliver a terrific presentation to the judges and win the competition.  We all agreed, Terrence would make a great employee (hint, hint employers!).

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NYIT Students at the Explorers Club

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Field Trip to the Explorers Club headquarters in Manhattan with my NYIT Executive MBA students. Entering new markets is like exploration, preparation is the key to success. We are in the Roosevelt Room, at the table where TR signed the Panama Canal treaty. Hoping these young business people will soon be company presidents too!

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