World Trade Center Atlanta Academy is Launched!

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Birchtree Global and The World Trade Center Atlanta are excited to announce the launch of its new International Business Academy – The World Trade Center Atlanta Academy.

The Academy’s Global Market Entry Program, developed by Birchtree Global, is a custom-designed course designed to give business leaders, functional leaders, and those interested in international business and trade the information, resources, and connections required to develop and manage a profitable global growth strategy.

The program explains the critical components for successful global market entry and consists of four key areas containing foundational and advanced topics related to the corporate view of global market entry.

Additional value-added resources available to registrants include:

·        1-year complimentary World Trade Center Atlanta membership with enrollment in the full Global Market Entry Program

·        Access to the forthcoming World Trade Center Business and International Trade Library

·        Assignment to a one-on-one experienced global mentor

Current World Trade Center Atlanta members will receive discounted pricing on the cost of all courses.

View the program at: https://www.wtcatlanta.com/academy/

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Joint effort to house 800 homeless Atlantans reaches major milestone!

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In the cities where we work, Atlanta, Denver, and New York, there are serious homeless issues, made worse by the pandemic. Here is a terrific multi-organization response to this crisis in Atlanta. My colleague Bill Liss reports on a special project by Atlanta organizations to address the issue.


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Delta CEO Talks to Investigative Reporter Bill Liss

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Delta CEO Talks to Investigative Reporter Bill Liss

An insightful interview of Delta CEO by investigative reporter Bill Liss of NBC News in Atlanta. Find out from the CEO what Delta is doing to cut costs and keep people safe.


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What do Explorers do during a Lockdown?

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A great article about The Explorers Club and what explorers do to keep the spirit of exploration alive during a pandemic.


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Helping Atlanta’s unsheltered homeless through the pandemic and beyond

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Another outstanding investigative report by Bill Liss. I particularly liked the innovative way the city is handling covid treatment for homeless people and the use of public transport for outreach.




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How has the Corona virus affected Atlanta?

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See this outstanding report from investigative journalist, Bill Liss. Great observations on the current and future state of Georgia’s biggest city.


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ADP’s latest “Global Workplace Study 2020

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For those of you interested in Employee Engagement and Workplace Resilience, I highly recommend ADP’s latest, “Global Workplace Study 2020”.

“This Global Workplace Study, for the first time, combines Engagement Pulse with a new instrument, the ADPRI Workplace Resilience Scale. With these two instruments, ADP set out to examine:

• The global level of Engagement in 2020

• The global level of Workplace Resilience in 2020

• The drivers of Engagement and Workplace Resilience

• How workplaces have changed around the world, and how likely those changes are to endure”


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U.S. – China Relations: Cooperation, Competition, or Collision?

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I have attended several webinars on US-China relations over the last week and this was the best. David Morey moderated the program and it was illuminating. If you are doing business with China or working with Chinese suppliers, I encourage you to watch it.


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