The future of recruiting: Essential skills and metrics you’ll need over the next 5 years

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Birchtree Global is pleased to partner with LinkedIn to present HRCI and SHRM certified retraining content.  In December we will be bringing you a well-researched webinar on the future of recruiting.  The webinar will highlight the results from the Future of Recruiting Report and help you identify actions you need to take now to strengthen your recruiting processes.  Participants will receive 1 HRCI and SHRM SCP credit for participating.


Host: Amy Schultz (Product Recruiting, LinkedIn)

Co-host: Rebecca White (People Analytics, LinkedIn)

Co-host: Jen Phillips Kirkwood (VP, The Edge – Future of Work, ADP)

Abstract: The future of recruiting is coming. To help your team prepare, Amy Schultz, Product Recruiting LinkedIn, Rebecca White, Director People Analytics, LinkedIn, and Jen Phillips Kirkwood, VP THE EDGE-Future of Work, ADP will show you the latest trends in recruiting.  The results from the Future of Recruiting Report will be shared with participants and the key metrics, strategies, and skills will be highlighted.  These three hiring experts from LinkedIn and ADP will break down some of the key insights and trends specifically to help your team get ahead—and gain a seat at the table.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  1. Why quality of hire is the most impactful metric, even though it’s not the most used
    2. How to elevate your tactical hiring role and become a strategic business advisor
    3. The engaging, analyzing, and advising skills that you’ll need over the next 5 years to competitively find, engage, and hire people
    4. Tips for identifying transferable skills and experiences to find your next recruiting head

Dates and Times:

North America: December 4, 2019; 11 am PT/2 pm EThttps://business.linkedin.com/talent-solutions/webinars/19/12/live-event-the-future-of-recruiting

Asia Pacific: December 10, 2019; 9:30 am IST   https://business.linkedin.com/talent-solutions/webinars/19/11/live-event-the-future-of-recruiting-apac

Europe and Middle East: December 10, 2019; 11 am GMT  https://business.linkedin.com/talent-solutions/webinars/19/11/live-event-the-future-of-recruiting-emea

Dr. Henry Gates Presentation at the John Jay Homestead

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Got to meet Dr. Gates at the John Jay Homestead and listen to his talk on Reconstruction.  It was one of the best discussions on post Civil War reconstruction I’ve heard.  He showed part of the following documentary, which gives much food for thought.  He has an ability to engage his audience and communicate complex, fact-based information which is unique.  Great presentation.

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Brookings Institute Research on China

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Birchtree Global has been working in China for 20 years, ever since we were founded.  Our leadership team has worked in China for the last
30 years, so we are keenly interested in reading well-researched information.  Here is a terrific article from the Brookings Institution to which
we’d like to direct your attention.  As you plan for 2020, this might be exceptionally valuable.



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“High-Performance Bullies” Paper now Top Ten Journal Download!

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Two men and three women from Birchtree Global pose holding their awards

Congratulations to my colleagues Ken Pinnock and Dr. Laura Persky! Our paper on the effects of high performance bullying behavior on organizational performance is now in the top ten journal downloads!!

You can see the abstract here!


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I was thrilled to meet Dr. Ken Lacovara, paleontologist at Rowan University, Fellow of the Explorers Club, and discoverer of the Titanosaurian Dinosaur Dreadnoughtus. In March 2019 Ken received the Explorers Club’s highest honor, the Explorers Club Medal, awarded for “extraordinary contributions directly in the field of exploration, scientific research, or to the welfare of humanity.  His colleagues hosted a surprise party for him (after spending the day digging in the Fossil Park…) to celebrate his medal at the Edelman Fossil Park in New Jersey.

If you don’t know about this park, I encourage you to go visit.  You can dig up fossils and keep them.  A great place to show young people the wonders of paleontology.

Richard Wiese, president of the Explorers Club and Ken Lacovara at the Edelman Fossil Park in Mantua, New Jersey.



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Information Overload, Drowning in Data, and Can’t Find the Answer

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Crowd of men and women dressed in business attire

It seems like everyone wants to invite you to join a webinar, watch a program, or read a blog.  The problem is you don’t always know how well the information being produced is researched.  Or, the information presented may be about a country of interest, but not a subject.  A big concern right now is upcoming changes to legal, financial, HR, or tax regulations that will take effect January 1, 2020.  Then, there is BREXIT, for which what will happen is anybody’s guess….

What can you do if you are looking for well-researched information upon which you can build your business?  Here is one idea….


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Is your market entry strategy built just for you?

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Dr. Walsh shares her perspective on hiking and entering a new market:


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How do Customers Connect with a Vendor Online?

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Do you know how your customers use the internet to purchase your services? If not, check out this article from Thomas Young, fellow Vistage speaker.  It gives executive suite leaders insight into the way customers connect with a vendor prior to making a purchasing decision.


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The Cuba-U.S. Bilateral Relationship Book has Arrived!!

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Dr. Walsh’s latest research on Cuba is featured in the 2019 new book, “The Cuba-U.S. Bilateral Relationship: New Pathways and Policy Choices”.  In collaboration with noted scholars, business, and policy experts this book features the latest information and perspectives on Cuba.  The book should be particularly informative as we head into the 2020 election year.  Get your copy today and be informed about this important topic.    https://global.oup.com/academic/product/the-cuba-us-bilateral-relationship-9780190687366?cc=us&lang=en&

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HR Adds Value to Private Equity in Businesses and Transactions at the ACG Conference

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Guess what the buzz was about at the ACG Value Creation Conference in NYC on June 6?  How HR adds value to Private Equity businesses and transactions.  If you’d like to know more, give us a call and we’ll share the highlights.

I enjoyed getting Brad, Hector, and Jae’s perspective on the subject.

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