Building a Business in the U.S.

Statue of Liberty and NYC skyline on sunny day

International companies opening offices in the U.S. face the same complexity as U.S. companies going abroad. What, and where should you incorporate? What’s the right corporate structure to optimize tax benefits? Where are the state, and government incentives to open businesses? How do we pay people? How do profits get back to the home country?

Navigating the dynamic regulatory, tax, and general business challenges, our team works together to ensure that all levels of accounting, tax, legal, and HR are optimally addressed. We can help by:

  • Identifying the best state in which to operate based on your business needs
  • Identifying state incentives for foreign incorporation
  • Executing the legal, and incorporation requirements
  • Determining a strategy for leveraging both local, and ex-patriot employees based on local labor laws, and employment trends
  • Establishing local accounting record keeping, and requirements
  • Protecting your intellectual property, and proprietary information
  • Organizing the HR activities, and explaining the employer/employee relationship

These are just some of the things that need to be done right the first time. In addition, you will be competing against U.S. based firms who will have the advantage by knowing the HR, legal, and financial minefields. But, with our help, you can set up your business in the U.S. to compete effectively.