Custom Training Design and Implementation

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Birchtree Global designs specialized training programs for organizations. Programs are designed, developed and implemented to achieve specific organizational goals and objectives. We have designed training programs for Fortune 100, large multinationals, as well as very small portfolio companies in private equity businesses, just beginning to grow. Our three fundamental values rise to the forefront in our custom training programs, our experience, knowledge base, and adaptability.

Here are just a few examples of our custom training programs:

  • Designing and implementing a retraining tax recapture program for a global multinational
  • Designing and implementing a world-class, C-Suite focused, trusted advisor program for a Fortune 100 firm
  • Design and deliver a training program to teach a domestic business about global business in the UK/France/Spain/China/Mexico/Canada/Ireland
  • Design and deliver a global training program for new global sales professionals
  • Design and deliver a worldwide training program on global business for a very large educational organization
  • Design a human resources training program for the staff of a rapidly growing small business
  • Design an incentive recapture program for HR professionals at a large multinational
  • Design a global market entry training program for a portfolio company of a PE firm
  • Design, develop, and implement an HR analytics program for a medium sized multinational