The “Modern Recruiter’s Guide to Hiring Tech Talent is a four-part webinar series training recruiter how to source engineers, designers, data scientists, and other tech candidates on a range of emerging sources and professional networks. This webinar series is HRCI/SHRM-CP accredited for 1 recertification credit for each webinar.  To obtain recertification credits, you must watch the webinar and complete the quiz with more than 70% correct. 

Talent acquisition teams are often challenged with being versed in the latest developments, trends, and networks to identify qualified candidates. Recruiting tech candidates can be especially perplexing because of the competitive talent landscape, and because new resources are constantly emerging and rapidly evolving. With the Hiring Tech Talent webinar series, Entelo presents the recruiters’ foundational guide to tech literacy.   In these webinars, you’ll learn the following:

  • Value of using these networks to recruit tech talent
  • What kind of candidates are on these networks?
  • Which companies are on these networks?
  • How are these the go-to networks for finding tech candidates?
  • How can recruiting on these networks differentiate recruiters from competitors
  • How can recruiters use these networks to expand their research to learn more about candidates?
  • General overview of network and things recruiters should know about network
  • Useful terminology and network’s pro features
  • Finding candidates looking for work and posting jobs on these networks
  • How to navigate through network and users’ profiles + live search
  • How to run an x-ray search for candidates on these networks + live search
  • Recruiting do’s and dont’s
  • Q&A + closing

Module 1: “How to Recruit Engineers on GitHub, Stack Overflow, and Hacker News”

Presenters: Britt Ryan (Head of Recruiting, Entelo); Amanda Meister (Tech Recruiter, Entelo); Special guest: Tessa Wilder, Lead Talent Strategist, GitHub

This webinar will teach you how to read a GitHub profile to understand an engineer’s contributions, impact, and how to cross-reference this info with resumes and other social profiles.  It will show you ways to use Stack Overflow’s reputation score and tags to find active, notable engineers.  It will help you understand how to (tastefully) utilize Hacker News beyond a social news site to generate interest with tech candidates and find those actively seeking new opportunities

Link to webinar:  https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/9065923455644514049

Module 2:  How to Recruit UI/UX Designers

Presenters: Britt Ryan (Head of Recruiting, Entelo); Amanda Meister (Tech Recruiter, Entelo); Special guest: Megan Ayraud (Head of Careers, Metis)

This webinar will show you how to engage with Dribbble’s designers most interested in hearing about your open role, and how to identify top Players through Shots, Projects, and more.  It will illustrate how to qualify Projects, Appreciations, and other user stats on Behance to discover top designers and how to use Adobe Talent to connect with over 5 million candidates.  The program will also highlight key qualities, skill sets, and differentiators to pay attention to when evaluating different types of designers

Link to webinar:  https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/1583562110673788418

Module 3:  How to Recruit Data Scientists Using Kaggle, Conference Data, and Social Outreach

Presenters: Britt Ryan (Head of Recruiting, Entelo); Amanda Meister (Tech Recruiter, Entelo) 

This presentation will show you the steps to sourcing Kaggle to find top ranked data scientists from around the world.  It will illustrate how to identify data scientists through variations in job titles, skill sets, and backgrounds.  This program will highlight ways to track down and use information from data science event attendance and presentations to pinpoint relevant candidates

Link to webinar:  https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/5457060211526613507

Module 4:  Finding and Engaging with Tech Talent on Slack, Reddit, Quora, and More

Presenters: Britt Ryan (Head of Recruiting, Entelo); Amanda Meister (Tech Recruiter, Entelo)

This webinar will show you how to establish rapport and develop a Slack community of candidates using private and public communication channels.  It will illustrate where to look on Reddit and AngelList to find people most interested in hearing about your open role.  Tactics to identify and engage with domain experts on Quora and Meetup will be illustrated.  You will also learn how to navigate through each of these networks to find and connect with the most relevant people for your company

Link to webinar: http://resources.entelo.com/registration-webinar-finding-and-engaging-slack-reddit-more

For the recertification quiz for this particular webinar, email: information@birchtreeglobal.com for the link.