Birchtree Global Incubator Accelerator Program (BGIAP)

The Birchtree Global Incubator Accelerator Program (BGIAP) is a comprehensive training program designed to rapidly improve executive’s global market entry decision-making. BGIAP provides participants with the strategy, tools, contacts and resources needed to make informed financial and fiduciary decisions as they export, sell, manufacture, or establish business operations in a foreign country. The program is presented from the corporate perspective by executives with first hand knowledge of foreign market entry. Fortune 500 and INC 500, C-Suite leaders provide the strategy supported by distinguished legal, tax, HR, and business leaders.

The BGIAP is provided as a turn-key program to corporate clients and may be customized to meet specific customer, employee demographic, or country needs. Birchtree Global customizes, manages, and administers the program curriculum including infrastructure, text, materials, webinars, and speakers. The program is delivered either online or in-class, or as a hybrid version.

BGIAP-Market Entry Acceleration Program©

What’s included?

The program consists of 20 core chapters comprising the most critical market entry skills. Each chapter is introduced and taught by a subject matter expert with in-country, on-the-ground expertise. A comprehensive workbook is provided that includes additional materials, links to webinars, contacts, information, custom database resources, memberships, in-country resources, and service providers.

What topics are covered?

  • The Strategy of Global Market Entry
  • Markets, Economics, Tariffs, and Trends
  • Economic Incentive Programs, Trade Services
  • Importing and Exporting, Certifications
  • The Legal Environment of Global Business
  • GDPR and Intellectual Property
  • Political Implications and Trends
  • Product Distribution Channels
  • Taxes and Cross Border Strategies
  • Labor Law and Statutory Requirements
  • Business Incorporation, PE, and BEPS
  • Compliance and Regulatory Environments
  • Ethics and FCPA Implications
  • Cultural Implications in Business
  • Risk Management, Insurance and Safety
  • Banking, Financing, Trade Credit
  • Technology Limits and Options
  • Supply Chain, Procurement and Development
  • Communication and Marketing
  • Global HR, Staffing, Outsourcing Compensation
  • Using Expatriated Employees
  • Resources, Organizations, Memberships

What is included in each topic?

Each topic includes the following detailed strategic and operational overview, overlaid with country-specific examples and information.

  • Introduction: A summary overview of the subject and country.
  • The C-Suite Perspective: This section provides a strategic view of how this subject relates to overall strategic planning in global market entry.
  • Why This is Important: A detailed explanation of why this subject is critical to global market entry from the operations perspective.
  • Expert Advice: Advice and suggestions from expert practitioners in the field and links to webinars on this subject.
  • Watch Out! This section highlights aspects of this subject to which you must be cautious.
  • Resources: Where to go to find updated information, additional BGIAP webinars.

How is the program used by organizations?

BGIAP is designed to improve the strategic, operational, financial, and fiduciary decision-making skills for directors, managers, and executives entering new markets. Global organizations use the BGIAP program to improve these skills in their employees to better understand and serve clients. BGIAP training allows high-potential and emerging leaders in global business skills to improve promotability and deepen organizational bench-strength.

Organizations also use BGIAP for their customers and clients. For organizations that specialize in global business services, BGIAP creates branded programs for certification training and programming. BGIAP is HRCI and SHRM-SCP certified.

This program can be customized by country and industry.

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