Going global! It’s a great opportunity, and a lot of work! Companies are opening operations in new countries to support their global clients on a local basis, to seek new streams of revenue or to reduce their production costs.

Going global is a complicated proposition. Not only do you have to figure out how to market your products, you have to determine how to operate in a new environment. You now have to understand how to manage multiple currencies, numerous sets of changing tax laws, additional compliance, and regulatory requirements as well as complicated employer/employee legal relationships. And, these issues do not exist in a static environment-they are all interrelated, and are in a constant state of change. The result is a rapidly changing environment in which decisions about your tax structure will impact your legal structure, and decisions about managing employees will have both tax, and legal consequences. Launching into this environment without specialized knowledge is costly to your finances, and painful for your customers, and your employees.

That’s where Birchtree Global can help. Our business model is simple. We start with a talented team of CPAs, lawyers, tax specialists, immigration, and HR experts in the U.S. that have worked together for years, helping hundreds of companies from start-up to mid size open new global operations. Then we leverage our managed network of colleagues around the world to get your firm established quickly, and efficiently while simultaneously helping you manage the transition risks. We focus on the back office work so you can focus on building your business.

If you look inside our “Global Company in a Box” integrated start-up services you will find the following areas of expertise…

Global Financial, Accounting, and Tax Services

Birchtree’s global financial, accounting, and tax professionals provide strategic advice, and professional services to increase financial returns, reduce risk, and ensure compliance. Clients typically use our services to accomplish the following:

  • Create an optimal worldwide financial strategy
  • Determine transfer pricing best practices
  • Identify permanent establishment requirements
  • Establish local accounting structures
  • Determine tax reporting requirements
  • Develop tax, and statutory reporting programs
  • Provide local accounting, payroll, and tax filing support
  • Write expatriate tax planning, and assignment letters
  • Create best practices in international banking, letters of credit
  • Managing local, and regional accounting services

Global Legal and Immigration Advice

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Data Privacy Legislation, Shelf Company Purchases, Articles of Incorporation, Apostilled documentation requirements.…are just a few of the complex issues affecting global business operations. Our legal team provides advice, and counsel on corporate legal strategy. When the legal strategy is established, the Birchtree team goes to work building out the in-country resources to deliver these services at the local level.

Global Human Capital Services

Managing human resource issues in foreign locations is complex. Birchtree Global helps organizations headed for global markets achieve significantly greater financial returns by identifying, evaluating, and solving the key human resources issues critical to the success of the operation.

The employer/employee legal relationship is never the same from one country to another. What you take for granted in your home country can cause you serious legal, and financial harm in another. Decisions made with respect to human resources, both local, and ex-patriot will always have a significant impact on the legal position of the company, and will have a profound impact on tax, and financial returns.

Our services help you to identify, and manage the key issues in staffing, compensation, performance management, benefits, and expatriate management while simultaneously identifying the legal, and financial ramifications of these decisions. This is not just good human resource decision making, it is good company management.

Building a Business in the U.S.

International companies opening offices in the U.S. face the same complexity as U.S. companies going abroad. What, and where should you incorporate? What’s the right corporate structure to optimize tax benefits? Where are the state, and government incentives to open businesses? How do we pay people? How do profits get back to the home country?

Navigating the dynamic regulatory, tax, and general business challenges, our team works together to ensure that all levels of accounting, tax, legal, and HR are optimally addressed. We can help by:

  • Identifying the best state in which to operate based on your business needs
  • Identifying state incentives for foreign incorporation
  • Executing the legal, and incorporation requirements
  • Determining a strategy for leveraging both local, and ex-patriot employees based on local labor laws, and employment trends
  • Establishing local accounting record keeping, and requirements
  • Protecting your intellectual property, and proprietary information
  • Organizing the HR activities, and explaining the employer/employee relationship

These are just some of the things that need to be done right the first time! In addition, you know you’ll be competing against U.S. based firms who will have the advantage by knowing the HR, legal, and financial minefields. But with our help you can set up your business in the U.S. to compete effectively.