Birchtree Global Janet Walsh talks about Workforce Productivity and Birchtree's development programs

Successful global businesses know they must have knowledgeable and educated employees. When large multinationals need to increase the performance of their global workforce they turn to Birchtree’s Global Workforce Development Division. Birchtree’s Global Workforce Development Division provides standard and customized training programs for some of the largest and most sophisticated companies in the world. We enable these firms to fill knowledge gaps in their business workforce to increase their financial performance.

Birchtree’s workforce development programs have four distinguishing characteristics:

  • Designed to improve client financial performance
  • Fact-based, non-anecdotal, business intelligence
  • Facilitated learning with C-Suite, Fortune 500 executives
  • Expertly designed, adult curriculum to transfer education

These characteristics make the difference between temporary “training by inoculation” and Birchtree’s training for strategic, financial advantage. This is why you will find many Fortune 500 employees in our training classes. Birchtree also provides global training and certification programs for partner firms such as the Forum for Expatriate Management and Mountain States Employers Council. Birchtree Global staff members are regularly “peer reviewed” continuously presenting at professional and academic conferences around the world.

Birchtree’s most popular training programs are listed below.

If your business wants to increase sales to C-Suite and HR Leaders, consider…

Transformational Sales to HR Leaders©

Transformational Sales to HR Leaders© connects the business sales force with HR leaders to improve connectivity between these two groups. This customized program augments sales force capabilities by describing HR leadership, decision-making between C-Suite executives, specific knowledge gaps, and most importantly the financial metrics used to evaluate business performance.

This program develops a more perfect understanding of the C-Suite HR leader but takes training one step further by illustrating how to close the knowledge gaps by providing HR leaders the information they need. The program is taught by Fortune 500 CEOs and C-Suite VPs who provide an opportunity for sales professionals to practice their new skills with demanding instructors who provide support and coaching from the customer perspective.

When your business is global and your workforce is not, you may need…

The Global 20 ©

The Global 20© provides a comprehensive review of the legal, financial, tax, and workforce management requirements that change as a business expands overseas.

Virtually no business today is free from the impact of the global economy. Being able to outperform the competition means searching for ways to do more with less, increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve operating efficiency. These challenges are difficult to overcome in a familiar, domestic environment. When companies expand into the global market it becomes much more difficult to remain competitive and compliant. When employees do not understand global business, they jeopardize your firm’s existence by taking decisions that have potentially devastating consequences.

Birchtree has created a template of 20 core business requirements that change when a company establishes business operations overseas. This template approach outlines the key considerations and makes it easy for participants to stay current. The program is taught be corporate C-Suite leaders with extensive global business experience.

To develop your HR team into a strategic asset instead of a cost, think…

At the Table HR Simulation ©

To maximize their effectiveness human resources and business leaders must understand the financial and operational consequences of their management decisions. The Simulation uses real-life case studies to illustrate the human capital financial management techniques high performing business executives use to increase organizational return on total capital. Participants learn to draw a clear line of sight between business strategy, HR strategy, and tactical programming to maximize the effective design and integration of HR programs that drive organizational performance.

This program is delivered as a case study with participants trained by Birchtree Global’s distinguished corporate C-Suite faculty.