The Global 20©

Woman and man looking at transparent screen with a globe on it

The award-winning, Global 20© training program provides a comprehensive review of the legal, financial, tax, and workforce management requirements that change as a business expands overseas.

Virtually no business today is free from the impact of the global economy. Being able to outperform the competition means searching for ways to do more with less, increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve operating efficiency. These challenges are difficult to overcome in a familiar, domestic environment. When companies expand into the global market it becomes much more difficult to remain competitive and compliant. When employees do not understand global business, they jeopardize your firm’s existence by taking decisions that have potentially devastating consequences.

Birchtree has identified 20 core business requirements that change when a company transitions from a domestic to a global organization. The program is taught by corporate C-Suite leaders with extensive global business experience.

This program is particularly helpful to functional specialists such as HR, finance, marketing, and IT professionals with little global experience. It can be particularly helpful to private equity companies at which global expansion is underway.

This program can be customized for specific industries and for HR leaders.