Thanks to Scott Hudson for at terrific tour of MasterCard headquarters…by scooter!  I teach a MS class at Manhattanville College on Saturday and Sunday on Managing Corporate Processes.  I wrote the class to teach participants how to incorporate global corporate strategy into functional disciplines (HR, finance, operations, marketing, etc.).  Specifically we use typical organizational tools like Porter’s Five Forces, PESTLE, Global 20, SWOT, HR Diagnostic, and Supply Chain effectiveness to help design the infrastructure to connect strategy and tactics.  We can then establish management tools to ensure the “connections” deliver results.

What struck me most about MasterCard was the focus on work-life balance.  It was Saturday afternoon, the offices are beautiful, pretty, basketball, skeeball, swing chairs, waterfalls, great food, and abundant sunlight.  Yet, despite the amenities, there was no one around.  Scott said the company believes in maintaining a good “work-life” balance, and as such, working on the weekend is discouraged.  MasterCard is an impressive business.  Learn more about MasterCard at