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For 20 years we have been globalizing strategy, companies, and people.  Enrich your understanding of global business by watching the following webinars presented by corporate experts.  HRCI and SHRM Certified!

  1. Understanding Global Financial and Capital Markets with Patrick Reilly.

Patrick Reilly, noted business analyst at Pepsi, reviews and discusses how global financial and capital markets work sharing his insights and thoughts on global business.


  1. Risk Management: Medical Issues in Business Travel and Expatriate Management presented by Dr. David Clyde.

Dr. David Clyde President and CEO of Spinnaker Medical Consultants International, LLC, and consultant to Exxon, discusses the employee medical considerations for global business.

  1. Critical Issues in Global HRM: IHRM Conference Review, Madrid 2018:

Dr. Janet L. Walsh, President and CEO of Birchtree Global will present a summary of the critical issues in Global HR Management from the 2018 Madrid IHRM Conference.  Participants will learn the critical issues that challenge global HR managers and the solutions they have created to positively resolve them.  Information from this webinar will provide global HR leaders with up-to-date financial and operational challenges and solutions.

  1. Taking Your Business Global in 2018:

There is much to consider when globalizing a business in 2018.  Join Dr. Janet L. Walsh as she highlights the specifics involved in establishing business operations outside of your home country.  We’ll discuss the infrastructure involved in growing a business globally.  Based on our experience as corporate executives responsible for managing global business operations, we’ll show you 20 critical issues you will face.  We’ll take an in-depth look of the 5 most critical that are likely to reduce your operational and financial performance in a global environment.

  1. Success Characteristics of Foreign Direct Investment in Cuba:

Dr. Janet L. Walsh presents her cutting-edge research on Cuba market entry.  In this webinar you’ll learn why market entry skills required for successful market entry in Cuba are not the same skills as successful market entry into other countries.  We will use the travel industry as an example and highlight how this industry has done very well in bringing tourists into Cuba.