Janet Walsh is the CEO and President of Birchtree Global, LLC a business services firm that provides small and medium-sized companies integrated legal, financial, and human resources start-up services needed to successfully enter foreign markets.   As CEO of Birchtree Global for the last 15 years she has worked in 67 countries leading cross-discipline, multicultural teams of attorneys, CPA’s, tax and HR professionals, on site, in over 68 countries creating foreign subsidiaries.  She created the “Global Company in a Box(c)” concept that provides incorporation, registration, immigration and human resources infrastructure as a highly efficient  way for small and medium-sized firms to establish their company outside of their home market.

In addition to her work with Birchtree Global she is an experienced, corporate leader of global change activities including human resources, technology and infrastructure development, shared services, mergers and acquisitions, and divestitures.   Her in-depth industry experience includes software, technology, services, medical, manufacturing, financing and services. 

Janet is a visiting professor at Keller Graduate School of Management, the second largest accredited MBA school in the United States.  She is the curriculum designer and architect of the global HR MBA capstone course for Keller Graduate School and the curriculum designer for the course Business Analytics for Devry University.

She holds an undergraduate degree in Economics, an MBA, and is a Doctor of Business Administration candidate.  She was a contributing author to the textbooks, “Economics for Managers” and “HR Metrics”.  In addition she served on the Board of Directors for the World Trade Center Atlanta for ten years and currently serves on the Board of Advisors for Devry University.  She can be contacted at:  walsh@birchtreeglobal.com.