Building a Competitive Organizational Culture by Charlotte Murray-Birchtree Global’s 2020 Bucknell Intern….A brilliant, short, article that will help you understand what new graduates think is important in business. (Charlotte is also looking for a position when she graduates….!)

Dear Colleagues,                                                                                                         January 2020

            Are you concerned your business might not reach its fullest potential in 2020? How is your company’s current work culture? The New Year is a great time to implement effective and positive strategies in order to ensure your company has both a competitive and supportive work environment. Below are 7 influential publication links about how to develop a competitive and supportive work culture.

1.      Building a workplace of choice: Using the work environment to attract and retain top talent Perks valued most by employees are highlighted in this journal. In addition, it explains the effects of the physical work environment on employees.

  1. Cultivating Strategic Thinking in Organizational Leaders by Designing Supportive Work Environment! The importance of strategic thinking and other key points for a supportive work environment are articulated well in this article. Also, the idea of enhancement is expressed throughout.

  2. Creating a Supportive Workplace  This article explains the importance of understanding job attitudes; it can lead to employee success and retention. Additionally, positive job attitudes lead to high company performance.

  3. International Leadership and Organizational Behavior This course clearly illustrates how to create a competitive and collaborative work environment while aligning with company values and a country’s culture.

  4. Business Management This video programs provides a holistic approach to business management while also focusing on employee management.

  5. Business Communication Developing soft skills and a supportive work environment are highlighted throughout this course.

  6. Teamwork & Collaboration The importance of communication and collaboration are heavily focused on in this course. Also, the significance of employee assessments are emphasized.

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All the best,

Charlotte Murray

Bucknell 2022, Economics Major