COSHRM Conference Marmot

On Saturday after the COSHRM conference in Keystone, CO we went hiking down the mountain. The wildlife was very friendly as illustrated by this Marmot who allowed us to get quite close and posed for our new 2014 Calendar.

The conference was a great success. Our presentation was a case study on ADP’s restructuring and development of global HRM competencies. The competencies were developed to train sales professional on the activities of global HRVPs to be become effective trusted advisors. The research was also used to train HR leaders in ADP so they could be better partners with the sales organization. We had about 100 people in the room who asked quite a few questions. The presentation highlighted the 4,500 pages of research on global HRM and showed how linking HRM with line management sales resulted in more sales but also could transform HR into a strategic asset.

If you would like copies of the presentation email: and include your name, email, and phone.