In the course of my professional career, I have spent the majority of my working life operating and working internationally in roles that have not only seen me living in a multitude of countries and continents, but where my role has covered large international geographic areas. One of the challenges I faced in the early stages of my career was simply finding out how to get things done in foreign countries. Understanding the various legal systems, regulatory and financial environments  and most importantly the people and the culture. Over the years as this became one of my personal strengths it was interesting to note how few managers, executives and senior executives had any exposure at all to these needs and often relied on high priced and often poorly connected advisors that created more ‘noise’ than necessary. As the world continues to turn into a large village I believe that the ability to conduct business internationally is a skill-set that needs to exist in all companies whether large or small. I first came across Birchtree Global and Dr. Janet Walsh a couple of years ago through my network and have been highly impressed with the quality and depth of training that her company provides. It is incredibly comprehensive and suitable for all levels and functions that are likely to support or be exposed to overseas enterprise. I wish I had had the opportunity to attend such a program before I first landed in Morocco and spent my first trip to the hotel on a bus complete with chickens, all whilst wearing my business suit! I really cannot recommend her or her programs more highly.

Robert E Parry-Jones