In global business the legal, financial, tax, and human resources issues are so tightly interwoven, business leaders routinely, and unintentionally, commit company assets to fixed positions outside of their area of direct responsibility.  This program focuses on linking business strategy with twenty critical infrastructure issues affecting legal, financial, tax, and human resources.  The program looks at markets in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Canada and provides specific examples of contracts, tax strategy, incorporation challenges, collectives, expatriate management, statutory benefits, and employer/employee legal responsibilities.  The program has been rigorously peer-reviewed, and developed for business professionals who are responsible for strategic and functional aspects of global business.  At the conclusion of the program participants will have a comprehensive understanding of global startup issues, documents, and resources.  They will realize how profoundly their individual responsibilities expand and change as their business goes global.

This program is offered in Denver, CO at Mountain States Employer’s Council on October 27 ($375/person) and in White Plains, NY on November 7 ($400/person).  For more details contact:  Anne Wyatt: