Cuba and the US: Business Interests

Janet L. Walsh

Birchtree Global is pleased to offer for sale the ground-breaking research, “Success Characteristics of Foreign Direct Investment in Cuba” by Dr. Janet L. Walsh (c) 2017.  This is one of the most recent comprehensive studies of market entry in Cuba.  Compared to other market entry activities, Cuba is very different and requires a different managerial skill set, then those skills required to enter other markets.  This study focuses on the tourism industries (companies that provide lodging, entertainment, experiences, or venues for people outside of their home country) but includes multiple other businesses.  The research explores how companies identified Cuba, and crafted market entry strategies.  It describes the key issues company presidents faced as they created the legal, financial, tax, and HR infrastructure to operationalize their businesses.  The research includes 37 tables of research results in 167 pages.  The research has been conducted in 2015-7 and is continuously updated.  Parts of this study can be seen in research journals such as the ASCE 2017 Proceedings, and The Journal of Global Business 2017, but the entire research has not been public ally available until now.  To request a copy email:  Hard Copies are available for $250.00 and Electronic copies for $300.00.

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