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Join us at World Trade Day Atlanta and globalize your business. Georgia is one of the fastest-growing centers for global trade with record-setting global trade growth in 2019. We will be working with World Trade Day participants to help them develop a global growth strategy for their businesses. Global market entry business executives provide an overview of global market entry options, legal, financial, tax, human resources, risk, logistics, and information resources. Participants receive on-on-one help and support from some of the most outstanding global growth leaders in technology, software, private equity, global tax, finance, and global HR.

Facilitator: Dr. Janet L. Walsh, President & CEO, Birchtree Global, LLC

Panelists: Jim McGuirk, President AKLM, former Unisys Corporation President; Traci Kellner, SPHR, former CHRO Beeline, Private Equity; Daya Haddock, President, TIA Inc, Oracle Adviser, Technical Training; Richard Gimbert, CPA, International Tax, Brady Ware.

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