Friday, May 4, Birchtree staff attended the World Trade Center Atlanta World Trade Day.  It was a terrific event.  Kudos to Dr. Diane Alleva Cáceres Program Chair and Dr. Karen Loch, WTCA President and the WTCA team for putting together such a terrific presentation.  I was pleased to have served on the WTCA board for 15 years with Ambassador Andrew Young who was honored with the John C. Portman Global Leadership Award.

Vince Maggio, Lilia Postalachi-Glover, and Rick Gimbert staffed our newly designed Birchtree Global booth.  Although we were exhausted by the time it was over, we had a great time.  We featured our white papers and journal articles and found one of our customers, ADP, was just a few feet away.  We had brought a copy of our ADP global human capital program for senior global relationship managers, which was of great interest to our visitors.  It was great to have a testimonial from one of the participants in the next booth!

While there we were interviewed by Pro-Business TV Channel on key issues in global business.

We were thinking about what type of “give away” we might provide to our booth visitors that were different than the usual pens and papers.  I think we hit a home run with our choice.  I’m pleased to be a member of the Booth Museum of Western Art, Artists Guild.  The Booth is the largest western art gallery in the United States in Cartersville, GA a few miles north of Atlanta.  Our give away this year were note cards of my 2018 painting selected by the museum to hang on display in the Borderlands Gallery from May through September.  If you have not been, you’re in for a treat!