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Destination Chile

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I’ve just returned from a great program at the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce on trade and investment in Chile. From 1991-99 I traveled to Chile on a regular basis for the Mead Corporation helping to build out and set up the business.  In the past few years I’ve been up and down Chile from Santiago to Puerto Mott, Punta Arenas and seen more of the smaller towns.  (You can see some of our Chilean photos on our Facebook page.)

Ambassador Jose Goni presented a compelling story of economic development, reduction in poverty rates, investment protection, industry and LLC trade incentives.  Kathleen Barclay, from the Chilean/American Chamber of Commerce discussed opportunities for incubator and introductory services for companies in multiple business sectors including services, mining, agriculture, technology, green tech and bio tech to name a few.

For those of you looking to expand into the markets in Latin America Chile may be a very attractive destination.  For more information give us a call or check the listing of websites at the Chilean embassy site.

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Birchtree December 1 Newsletter

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Birchtree  Global Strategic Consulting                                                             December 1,  2009
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Birchtree Global’s new website,, is now on line.  Birchtree Global was originally part of Birchtree-HR’s suite of business services but has been spun off as its own business.  Birchtree Global, LLC provides integrated finance, tax, legal, and HR services in designed to accelerate the establishment of a clients overseas operations.  Although Birchtree Global services all industries in their global business needs, we have developed a special expertise in greentech, biotech, technology and telecom businesses.

Although Birchtree Global is a new services business it has been a part of Birchtree HR for ten years.  We will be starting a new, global business focused newsletter for current and prospective clients so if you are interested in how businesses expand overseas, let us know and we’ll add you to our new newsletter.

Companies with whom Birchtree Global services have been provided include:

Southwest Windpower
Local Matters
Sturman Industries
AVA Solar
Arinso International
Kenyon International
Pearl DC
Delta Airlines
EMS Technologies

If you would like more information about these services please contact,



Dear Colleagues:
Janet on horse

Dear Colleagues:

We know most of you are working on closing out 2009 and developing

your strategy and tactics for 2010.  For most of us caught up in the whirl
of daily business activities the year end sometimes represents one of the
few times that we actually set aside time to plan for rather than react to

business activities.

As we look back on the research we’ve compiled for 2009 I note three

major themes that are characteristic of high performing businesses which

are directly related to business planning.

First:  Connecting HR activities and resources to company strategy to ensure

there is a clear line of sight between business objectives and HR activities.
As you look for opportunities to grow your bottom line in 2010 consider
auditing your HR activities as to their effectiveness in delivering your

company’s strategy and creating a strategic advantage for the business.

Second:  Designing HR programs around the bottom line costs of doing

business.  For example identify the business costs (i.e. cost of goods sold)
then identify the underlying HR issues that financially affect the bottom line
(i.e. turnover, high rework/scrap rates, accidents, poor up selling, poor
customer service) measure these costs metrically then create solutions that

reduce these financial pressure.

Third:  Leading the organization by connecting each employee to the organizations success.   Executives in the organization who are excellent managers London of their human capital achieve better financial and operating

results than those who are not.  Thus, businesses that develop the
management capabilities of their leadership team create  a competitive

advantage for their organization which results in improved financial metrics.

It is said in Ireland, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will

take you there”.  The business outlook for 2010 however, Off will be
demanding and financially penalize organizations that amble along without
focus.  The good news is that the three suggestions above provide a good
start to thinking about using HR activities to increase your financial

performance for 2010.

Kind regards,

Janet Walsh
(From Paradise Valley, Montana)


Birchtree HR and Elarbee Thompson
Free HRCI Webinar,
December 3, at 3:00 PM, EST
Birchtree HR and Elarbee Thompson law firm are
pleased to present a free 1.0 PHR certified lunch
and learn webinar at 3:00 PM, EST December 3.
This detailed, fact based program will focus on how
hospitality industry human resources professionals
can increase financial performance in their
businesses.   As an employee grows and excels within a
company, their knowledge, productivity and goal
achievement become more valuable. Human capital,
to most hospitality companies, is their largest
investment. Janet Walsh and attorney Doug Miller will discuss
practical and legal practices that human resource
professionals can implement to affect the company
and organizations’ overall objectives and bottom-line.
Mistakes in the management of human resources
particularly in the service based hospitality industries
can affect productivity and have costly legal
implications. As an employer, it is important to be
proactive and creative to create both financial as
well as operational strategic HR plans.

To sign up for the webinar click ET WEBINAR.  For
additional information please
call: 770 590 8338 or



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