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           Birchtree Global, LLC New York based staff attended the Business Without Borders presentation hosted by HSBC bank in Manhattan on May 16.  An excellent program on the emerging CIVETS countries and their attractiveness to foreign direct investment.  The program was presented by Leo Abruzzesse Global Forecasting Director at the Economist Intelligence Unit.         

          Abruzzesse provided a compelling presentation on the emerging markets of Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa.  He concluded that from a political, economic, legal and business perspective these growing economies are attractive FDI targets.  His illustration of GDP growth patterns over the next several years showed the BRIC countries bracketing the CIVETS with the G7 countries at the bottom.  

          We asked him to compare the service sector investment opportunities in these countries.  He and the panelists he brought with him indicated that services were needed but had different regulations that would require a slightly different approach to FDI.   Acquiring an in country firm or merging with an in country firm was seen as the most expeditious approach.

          HSBC bank provided a summary of their financial products and services that were designed to get cash back to investors more quickly improving cash flow.  These were interesting and innovative, are worth considering and can be seen on their website.

          Entry into these markets is not without risk and is more complex than market entry into the BRIC countries.  We note that Birchtree Global has worked in all these locations over the past several years and can provide guidance to businesses wishing to establish company activities in these countries.

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Birchtree Global News

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Birchtree Global, LLC to showcase Dezan Shira’s research

Janet Walsh met with Chris Devonshire-Ellis, Principal & Founding Partner of Dezan Shira & Associates financial firm and publisher of, Asia Briefing Media Ltd. to discuss development opportunities in Asia and India.   Chris commented that opportunities for companies in the medical equipment, devices and manufacturing area were strong and prospects for growth were increasing largely due to the ageing Chinese population, and heavy long term medical needs (implications from smoking and industrial pollution).  He also noted that there was a strong demand for manufactured goods as the number of middle class consumers continue to grow and expand.

Birchtree Global and Dezan Shira will be partnering to provide our clients a series of updated webinars on foreign direct investment in Asia and India in the coming months.

Our first webinar will be on May 23, and presented by Daisy Huang.  Daisy is the head of Audit and Compliance for the Dezan Shira South China practice group.  Daisy’s program will highlight; Important changes in China and the ASEAN region-economic, demographic, compliance and cost issues; Daisy will also discuss, practical considerations in establishing a business in Asia.  This webinar is designed for C-Suite leaders and executives who need to have a clear understanding of the recent changes in Chinese legislation and how they will affect foreign direct investment-either established or proposed.  If you are interested in attending, please email for additional information.  This webinar is free to our clients and friends and will be HRCI Certified.

The Global 20© in Cuba

Janet Walsh recently returned from a fact finding trip to Cuba, focusing on potential foreign direct investment by US firms post embargo.  Some facts of interest include:  The US is Cuba’s sixth largest trading partner with over $350,000,000 in agricultural supplies, food and medicines sold to the country-cash payments in advance of sending product.  In the last year 500,000 US citizens have visited Cuba on family, trade, tourism activities.  In 2010 facing a shortage of funds, Cuba privatized ownership of small businesses, some property, cars and, at the same time, terminated 500,000 employees from public employment.  The average wage is $30 USD/Month and the literacy rate is 98%.  Havana is a 40 minute flight direct from Miami.

The model for growth in Cuba looks like the one used by China in the early 80’s-FDI used to develop infrastructure and technology in a country that lacks everything.   Cuba needs infrastructure, building products, IT and services, medical equipment and drugs, food, paint, and hospitality services

For companies interesting in reviewing more details from this trip contact info@birchtreeglobal to access the webinar. 

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Foreign Direct Investment Notes on China and Cuba

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Global Foreign Direct Investment Notes-China:

Many of our clients are establishing operations in Asia.  You may be interested in the remarks by Naoyuki Shinohara, International Monetary Fund Deputy Managing Director.  He supports the conclusions by Chris Devonshire-Ellis regarding targeted growth opportunities in China.  On March 27, 2012 he concluded:

1. Prospects for the global recovery have improved, but downside risks still loom large

2. Growth in Asia is set to gain momentum, but exposure to outside risks are significant

3. Key near-term challenges is to calibrate the insurance still needed to support stable, non-inflationary growth

4. Greater regional integration can support economic rebalancing and make Asia more resilient to external shocks

Director Shinohara’s full text comments can be found at:

Global Foreign Direct Investment Notes-Cuba:

Cuba is known for medical services.  There is a concentrated effort by the Cuban government to establish Cuba as a leader in medical services.   This effort has resulted in medical services surpassing tourism as the largest foreign exchange activity1. Two areas medical tourism and exporting medical professionals are worth mentioning.

Medical tourism has increased in Cuba attracting foreign patients who are treated in hospitals and clinics that are part of Cuba’s National Health System.  As reported by A. Gabriele in Economics, Management & Financial Services (2010) 1, rehabilitation therapies for drugs and alcohol addicts, treatment of pigment rethinosis, vitiligo, psoriasis, alopecia (hair loss); surgical and clinical programs, including esthetical surgery and, neurological restoration; health checks and check-ups are among Cuba’s specialty treatments.

Cuba has a vigorous program to export medical knowledge workers.  It is estimated that over 100,000 Cuban health workers have worked outside of Cuba for extended assignments since the early 1960’s.1  A loosening of trade and travel restrictions may result in these workers remaining outside of Cuba, creating a financial and service “brain drain”.

1. GABRIELE, A. (2010). CUBA: THE SURGE OF EXPORT-ORIENTED SERVICES. Economics, Management & Financial Markets, 5(4), 151-175.

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Destination Chile

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I’ve just returned from a great program at the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce on trade and investment in Chile. From 1991-99 I traveled to Chile on a regular basis for the Mead Corporation helping to build out and set up the business.  In the past few years I’ve been up and down Chile from Santiago to Puerto Mott, Punta Arenas and seen more of the smaller towns.  (You can see some of our Chilean photos on our Facebook page.)

Ambassador Jose Goni presented a compelling story of economic development, reduction in poverty rates, investment protection, industry and LLC trade incentives.  Kathleen Barclay, from the Chilean/American Chamber of Commerce discussed opportunities for incubator and introductory services for companies in multiple business sectors including services, mining, agriculture, technology, green tech and bio tech to name a few.

For those of you looking to expand into the markets in Latin America Chile may be a very attractive destination.  For more information give us a call or check the listing of websites at the Chilean embassy site.

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