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Birchtree Global, LLC to showcase Dezan Shira’s research

Janet Walsh met with Chris Devonshire-Ellis, Principal & Founding Partner of Dezan Shira & Associates financial firm and publisher of, Asia Briefing Media Ltd. to discuss development opportunities in Asia and India.   Chris commented that opportunities for companies in the medical equipment, devices and manufacturing area were strong and prospects for growth were increasing largely due to the ageing Chinese population, and heavy long term medical needs (implications from smoking and industrial pollution).  He also noted that there was a strong demand for manufactured goods as the number of middle class consumers continue to grow and expand.

Birchtree Global and Dezan Shira will be partnering to provide our clients a series of updated webinars on foreign direct investment in Asia and India in the coming months.

Our first webinar will be on May 23, and presented by Daisy Huang.  Daisy is the head of Audit and Compliance for the Dezan Shira South China practice group.  Daisy’s program will highlight; Important changes in China and the ASEAN region-economic, demographic, compliance and cost issues; Daisy will also discuss, practical considerations in establishing a business in Asia.  This webinar is designed for C-Suite leaders and executives who need to have a clear understanding of the recent changes in Chinese legislation and how they will affect foreign direct investment-either established or proposed.  If you are interested in attending, please email info@birchtreeglobal.com for additional information.  This webinar is free to our clients and friends and will be HRCI Certified.

The Global 20© in Cuba

Janet Walsh recently returned from a fact finding trip to Cuba, focusing on potential foreign direct investment by US firms post embargo.  Some facts of interest include:  The US is Cuba’s sixth largest trading partner with over $350,000,000 in agricultural supplies, food and medicines sold to the country-cash payments in advance of sending product.  In the last year 500,000 US citizens have visited Cuba on family, trade, tourism activities.  In 2010 facing a shortage of funds, Cuba privatized ownership of small businesses, some property, cars and, at the same time, terminated 500,000 employees from public employment.  The average wage is $30 USD/Month and the literacy rate is 98%.  Havana is a 40 minute flight direct from Miami.

The model for growth in Cuba looks like the one used by China in the early 80’s-FDI used to develop infrastructure and technology in a country that lacks everything.   Cuba needs infrastructure, building products, IT and services, medical equipment and drugs, food, paint, and hospitality services

For companies interesting in reviewing more details from this trip contact info@birchtreeglobal to access the webinar. 

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Foreign Corrupt Practices Act-Forensic Diagnostic and Review Training

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GE, ITT, HP, Smith and Wesson, AVON, Parker Drilling, Pride International, CCI, Dow Chemical, InVision Technologies, and Baker Hughes all have been convicted of violations, fined and employees imprisoned, despite having great FCPA policies and training programs.  

Why? They faced these problems because their employees mistakenly interpreted their fiduciary responsibilities with the FCPA and made bad choices and decisions.  Management didn’t know how to evaluate what employees were actually doing  in the field.

Recognizing and diagnosing how your company implements the FCPA requirements in the field will give your firm a 360 degree review of your FCPA compliance effectiveness.

Four Ways This Program Protects Your Company: 

Identifies specific field enforcement issues

Analysis of FCPA violations and forensic review of management decisions reveals specifically what went wrong where and why.  Why did the policies and training programs at these firms fail to prevent violations?

Pinpoints chain of control and process gaps

BAJ will provide a step by step process for identifying FCPA field enforcement issues with vendors, suppliers, contractors, sub contractors, government officials and brokers.

Includes forensic diagnostic evaluation check lists

BAJ will walk you through a forensic review of contracts, vendors, suppliers, facilitating payments, chain of control, and expense account processes to determine if your firm has process gaps which will cause FCPA violations.

Provides expert, personalized review of your results

Once you have completed your field diagnostic process evaluation, participants will have a ½ hour private review of their results with Bruce Allan Johnson and his team. 

To sign up for this program email: info@birchtreeglobal.com for the registration package.

Cost: $500.00/person

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New Webinars

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“Establishing Your Business Overseas”

Birchtree Global and their leadership team of global attorney’s, CPA’s, and HR experts, will be providing a four part global webinar on starting a business overseas.  The program is 1 ½ hours weekly, each Wednesday from 12-1:30, starting August 25.  This program is designed to educate business leaders and global business teams in the steps involved in taking their business overseas-particularly the process for developing a global tax strategy, legal form and incorporation, financial registration, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act issues, HR infrastructure, employer/employee requirements, and expatriate management.  The previous program was sold out. Attendees have included CEO’s, CFO’s, Presidents, GM’s, VP’s of HR.  Cost for clients is $250.00/person (6.0 GPHR/SPHR)

“Expatriate Selection and Technology”

Barry Kozloff president, SRI International will speak on how to leverage technology to improve expatriate selection and enhance performance.  Barry’s advice is very timely particularly if your firm’s expatriate expense budget is growing. September 23, 12-1:30 PM, Free. (1.5 GPHR)

“How to Interview”

This program helps managers improve their ability to select high performing employees by better reading resumes, identifying success characteristic in positions, creating specific, talent revealing interview questions, learning how to manage the interview experience, ensure less turnover and better job fit.  This is specifically designed to help managers who want to get better quality employees, quicker and retain them longer.  August 4, and 11, from 12-1:30 EST. $50/participant includes workbook and ½ hour consultation.

“Field Enforcement-Foreign Corrupt Practices Act”

With BAJ, legal and financial experts this program focuses on identifying field enforcement problems and suggests ways to overcome the gap between home office training and employee decision making activities in country.  Tips to forensically uncover potential issues will be described.  Dates to be announced shortly.  Pre-registration required.  $500.00/person.

To register for any of these programs, please email Info@birchtreeglobal.com for registration packet.    All credit cards and PayPal payments are accepted.

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“Establishing a Business Overseas” 

Your clients are global and they want you by their side.  How does that work?

What are the key issues that will challenge your profitability and performance?

How much will it cost, what are the hidden costs?

What is the “artificial economy” for green/bio tech/tech organizations?

Join the global, legal, financial, and HR start up experts at “Birchtree Global” as they share their experiences in 70 plus countries in this dynamic webinar. 

To Register:  Info@birchtreeglobal.com

Cost:  $200/person

Agenda and Schedule

Begin With the End in Mind…

March 11, 12:00-1:30 PM

What characterizes success in global expansion and what are “Killer Assumptions”?
What factors enhance a successful outcome?  What are the key risks and costs?
Understanding how the game is played overseas and the economics of politics
Global business structures pro’s and con’s of joint ventures, sales offices
Understanding global trade requirements and import/export/restrictions
What is the artificial economy for green tech/bio med/technology?
Organizing global teams for maximum performance

Enhancing Profitability from Global Operations…

March 18, 12:00-1:30 PM

It’s all about the Benjamin’s, developing a global tax strategy and repatriating profits
Leaving profits in country and government restrictions on profit repatriation
Alternative financing arrangements, identifying country/region/city incentives
Shelf company or new establishment and the cost of incorporation        
Labor law requirements, who controls your workforce and unions

The “People Face” of Your Company…

March 25, 12:00-1:30 PM

Who’s going to do the work…cost/benefits/expat ROI/Expatriates/Inpatriates?
The employer/employee contract…surprise, you can’t hire or fire at will!
Critical selection decisions, how you are perceived and local labor law
Your new business partners-the Union and the Government
Why selection and performance management are of the utmost importance
Compensation issues, statutory and non-statutory benefits, stock options

Global Process Management and Integration…

April 1, 12:00-1:30 PM

The “three legged stool”, integration of tax, legal, HR issues
Workforce integration-cultural issues-knowledge management
Global financial management, it’s all about the Benjamins/Euros/Pesos…Regulation, what’s regulated…? 
Data Privacy requirements
Ethics, the difference between a tip and a bribe and what to do about it
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, enforcement is becoming critical
Safety, protecting employees, equipment and your business

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“Managing Expatriate Compensation-New Concepts and Practices”

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HRCI 1.5 GPHR/SPHR Credits

FREE-Must register in advance

March 26, 12:00-1:30 PM EST

Is your firm working with expatriates?  Are you considering sending expatriates overseas?   Do you have the current legal, financial, immigration and HR expertise to craft a highly effective expatriate compensation package?  Do you know how expatriate compensation packages are changing?

If not, you can upgrade your skills by joining the global legal, financial and HR experts at Birchtree Global as they present this free webinar on “Managing Expatriate Compensation-New Concepts and Practices”.

Topics covered will include:

A. Environmental and Corporate Issues Impacting Expatriate Compensation

            Social networking-you don’t own your brand

            Graying workforce-age of expatriates is increasing

            Shortage of skilled workers

            Dual career couples

            Cost of education

            Better HRIS systems

            Demand for higher performance and utility in HR systems

            Globalization of products, markets and workforce

            Perceived “Fairness” of expatriate compensation

            Corporate emphasis on expatriate ROI

            Mobility expectations of employees

            Mass migrations of people

            Global hiring trends BRIC countries higher than US

 B. Expatriate ROI-Strategic Implications

            Business executives’ expectations

            More focus on metric measurement of the entire experience

            Selection decisions, demands on managers of expatriates

            Suggestions on the value of strategy mapping

            Cost/Benefit Value of providing certain services

            More emphasis on business trips-tax implications

            The cost effect of perceived inequities by local workforce

            Talent management ROI

            Compliance risk

            Technology vs. manpower data collection costs

            Socializing expatriates in country-high value ROI

 C. Costing Expatriate Assignments

            Balance Sheet approach is still number 1 but changing

            Efficient purchaser-characteristics of this process

            Local Plus-characteristics of this program

            Hybrid programs-characteristics of hybrid programs

            COLA by Family –where to get data, value of data

            Foreign service premium-utility, changing ideas

            In Europe “mobility Allowance’ more common

            Dual career costs, mitigation

            Increasing need for flexibility in policies

            Taxation of expatriate rewards

D. Workforce Implementation and Integration Challenges

            Documentation of costs, particularly pre-planning

            HRIS systems global reach-one size fits all systems

            War on tax avoidance-increasing as is government data sharing

            Data Privacy challenges as regulation grows

            Managerial compliance, partnership, educating the expat’s boss

            Rapid changes in tax, labor law, issues, how to manage change

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