GE, ITT, HP, Smith and Wesson, AVON, Parker Drilling, Pride International, CCI, Dow Chemical, InVision Technologies, and Baker Hughes all have been convicted of violations, fined and employees imprisoned, despite having great FCPA policies and training programs.  

Why? They faced these problems because their employees mistakenly interpreted their fiduciary responsibilities with the FCPA and made bad choices and decisions.  Management didn’t know how to evaluate what employees were actually doing  in the field.

Recognizing and diagnosing how your company implements the FCPA requirements in the field will give your firm a 360 degree review of your FCPA compliance effectiveness.

Four Ways This Program Protects Your Company: 

Identifies specific field enforcement issues

Analysis of FCPA violations and forensic review of management decisions reveals specifically what went wrong where and why.  Why did the policies and training programs at these firms fail to prevent violations?

Pinpoints chain of control and process gaps

BAJ will provide a step by step process for identifying FCPA field enforcement issues with vendors, suppliers, contractors, sub contractors, government officials and brokers.

Includes forensic diagnostic evaluation check lists

BAJ will walk you through a forensic review of contracts, vendors, suppliers, facilitating payments, chain of control, and expense account processes to determine if your firm has process gaps which will cause FCPA violations.

Provides expert, personalized review of your results

Once you have completed your field diagnostic process evaluation, participants will have a ½ hour private review of their results with Bruce Allan Johnson and his team. 

To sign up for this program email: for the registration package.

Cost: $500.00/person