August 1, the Dubai government ordered all text messages via cell phones blocked.  This was sudden and caught many gulf businesses by surprise. 

Scott Moran, global attorney and Latin American expert, says he is seeing more investment activity in Uruguay. Despite the left of center government they have as an objective to create a “Switzerland” of Latin America.   Montevideo, Uruguay is only a short ferry ride from Buenos Aires.  Chile, Colombia and Brazil remain other popular destinations, however with varying tax consequences.

Glen Faulk’s firm, BAL Global has reported that India’s cap on expatriates per company (20) has been reversed to the relief of companies with large expatriate populations in India.  However the new UK coalition government will be implementing a permanent immigration quota in 2011 which will bring levels of immigration to the 1990’s rate.  This new policy will dramatically reduce the numbers of non-Europeans allowed to live and work in the UK. 

Janet Walsh, Birchtree Global’s CEO, reports back from speaking at several professional and industry conferences for the medical, hospital and executive staffing industries this month that business leaders are looking at what creates market based competitive advantage then tailoring their business strategies around these metrics to increase financial performance.  Often they are looking to the HR business partner to drive business metrics by better crafting compensation and talent management programs.

Dr. Jay Hakes, Director of the Carter Center Library, and green energy expert, has been tapped to serve as part of the Obama administration gulf clean up and monitoring efforts.  We have introduced several of our green energy clients to Dr. Hakes and he has been very helpful in sharing his thoughts on the future of green energy.  So, the next time you see that algae in your pool…it might be your energy of tomorrow.