HRCI 1.5 GPHR/SPHR Credits

FREE-Must register in advance

March 26, 12:00-1:30 PM EST

Is your firm working with expatriates?  Are you considering sending expatriates overseas?   Do you have the current legal, financial, immigration and HR expertise to craft a highly effective expatriate compensation package?  Do you know how expatriate compensation packages are changing?

If not, you can upgrade your skills by joining the global legal, financial and HR experts at Birchtree Global as they present this free webinar on “Managing Expatriate Compensation-New Concepts and Practices”.

Topics covered will include:

A. Environmental and Corporate Issues Impacting Expatriate Compensation

            Social networking-you don’t own your brand

            Graying workforce-age of expatriates is increasing

            Shortage of skilled workers

            Dual career couples

            Cost of education

            Better HRIS systems

            Demand for higher performance and utility in HR systems

            Globalization of products, markets and workforce

            Perceived “Fairness” of expatriate compensation

            Corporate emphasis on expatriate ROI

            Mobility expectations of employees

            Mass migrations of people

            Global hiring trends BRIC countries higher than US

 B. Expatriate ROI-Strategic Implications

            Business executives’ expectations

            More focus on metric measurement of the entire experience

            Selection decisions, demands on managers of expatriates

            Suggestions on the value of strategy mapping

            Cost/Benefit Value of providing certain services

            More emphasis on business trips-tax implications

            The cost effect of perceived inequities by local workforce

            Talent management ROI

            Compliance risk

            Technology vs. manpower data collection costs

            Socializing expatriates in country-high value ROI

 C. Costing Expatriate Assignments

            Balance Sheet approach is still number 1 but changing

            Efficient purchaser-characteristics of this process

            Local Plus-characteristics of this program

            Hybrid programs-characteristics of hybrid programs

            COLA by Family –where to get data, value of data

            Foreign service premium-utility, changing ideas

            In Europe “mobility Allowance’ more common

            Dual career costs, mitigation

            Increasing need for flexibility in policies

            Taxation of expatriate rewards

D. Workforce Implementation and Integration Challenges

            Documentation of costs, particularly pre-planning

            HRIS systems global reach-one size fits all systems

            War on tax avoidance-increasing as is government data sharing

            Data Privacy challenges as regulation grows

            Managerial compliance, partnership, educating the expat’s boss

            Rapid changes in tax, labor law, issues, how to manage change