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What’s New in Global HR Leadership Research

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Did you miss out on going to Madrid for the IHRM conference? We’ve summarized the most important papers for you to watch at your convenience. Maybe a “lunch and learn date?”

Get your lunch and listen while Dr. Janet L. Walsh will presents a summary of the critical issues in Global HR Management from the 2018 Madrid IHRM Conference. Participants will learn the critical issues that challenge global HR managers and the solutions they have created to positively resolve them. Information from this webinar will provide global HR leaders with up-to-date financial and operational challenges and solutions.

This program is eligible for HRCI/SHRM recertification credits.

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I Just Attended George Washington’s Inauguration in New York in 1789!

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Last Thursday I attended George Washington’s inaugural in New York City.  Really!  Thanks to Richard Humphrey, CEO and Chief Creative Officer and his magicians at THE RIDE.  Richard has put together a way to tell stories and communicate information using virtual reality.  The intersection between artificial intelligence and virtual reality is of interest to us and our global clients.  In the demonstration we morphed from 2018 to 1789 and watched as George strode through the crowd and walked past us into Federal Hall.  Afterwards we celebrated a special program on THE RIDE thanks to Dan Rogoski, Chief Operating Officer.  Check it out:, also, George says, “Hello! 


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2018 International HR Management Conference Report

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There is a big difference between research based facts about global HR vs. anecdotal information in the popular press. For example, how many times have you heard there are significant generational differences between Boomers, Gen X, and Gen Y with respect to work values? However, a review of the literature and large research studies show tis is not the case. There is another factor that is highly predictive for work values between generations. Do you know what that is?

If you are planning your 2019 human capital strategy and tactics, you’ll want to know this information and other cutting-edge, global HR research from the 15th annual IHRM conference held in Madrid last month. The research presented on global human resources management was compelling, relevant, and actionable. This conference is important because it presents research and fact-based studies on global HR management, rather than “pay to speak” or “individual experiences”. Presenters had to qualify through blind, expert review prior to being accepted. This conference also highlighted the global differences in HR leadership and management among countries, illustrating why a successful HR strategy might not work in another country. I spoke on “HR Implications for Cuba Market Entry” and described why entering the market in Cuba offers a particular opportunity for HR managers to take a lead role in the business operation.

I will be presenting a summary of the conference research in a webinar Tuesday, July 24 from 12-1:00 PM EDT. I’ll discuss the major issues facing global HR leaders, the current research and suggested actionable items. The discussion is designed to help with your 2019 strategic IHRM planning. This webinar is HRCI/SHRM certified for 1 re-certification credit.

You can register for Critical Issues in Global HRM: IHRM Conference Review, Madrid 2018 on Jul 24, 2018 12:00 PM EDT at:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

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John Jay Homestead 4th of July

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One focus of the Bedford Armonk Rotary is to give back to the community by producing the annual 4th of July Fair.  This year the Fair was held at the historic, John Jay Homestead.  The Fair provides a fun and exciting way for children and adults to catch a glimpse of the colonial activities at the time of the Revolutionary War.  Thanks to David Loda and the 6th Connecticut Brigade for showing off their equestrian skills and authentic costumes.

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Rotary Means Business…in Toronto!

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Rotary Means Business (RMB) is a Rotary sanctioned program designed to help connect Rotarian businesses. This year the RMB board members met at the 2018 International Rotary Convention in Toronto. Over 50,000 individuals participated in the convention where Justin Trudeau the Prime Minister of Canada was the featured speaker.

From a business perspective two things were quite interesting to me. First the huge number of participants in the program. As a global conference people came from all over the world with a diversity of interests around mutual interests and community service. Interest groups included wine tasting, stamp collecting, quilting, radios, and doctors. Service groups included community programs for clean water, energy, medical services, polio eradication, vaccination programs, shelter boxes, and emergency services. Second, in addition to the interest and service group, this conference had a very large number of vendors with products and services for sale ranging from jewelry, clothing, camping, business services, travel agencies, and much more.

The RMB service fellowship is designed to make it easier for the 1.2 million Rotarians to connect to businesses in the local community and around the world. Rotary originally started as a way for business people to connect to one another in a trusted network. Through the years that objective was replaced with service to the community. Current strategy supports both objectives, service to community and connecting businesses. Check out the website for additional information.

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