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2022 Free HRCI/SHRM Courses

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Birchtree Global will be providing 12 free HRCI/SHRM certified courses, but we need your help. We are creating and producing courses for 2022, but we need you to tell us what type of course you would like to see. Please fill out the questionnaire below and let us know. Just fill out the form, email it back to We’ll tally the results, and produce exactly the courses you need. For free😊. It’s our way of celebrating getting through 2021 and giving back to the hard-working HR leaders. The questionnaire is open until 1/1/22, then we’ll share the results.

HR Certified Courses Questionnaire
___Courses in International HR Management
___Country specific HR Management-(write in country)_______________
___Subject matter specific courses
___Employee Engagement
___Remote working employment issues
___Changing HR tax legislation
___New HR legislation for 2022
___Data Protection in 2022
___HR Cyber Security Concerns for 2022
___Best Practices in Employee Management
___2022 Salary Increase Estimates
___Controlling Health Care Costs
___US Immigration and Employment Updates
___Retaining and Incenting Employees
___Leadership Development
___HR and Organizational Leadership
___Critical Business Acumen Skills for HR Leaders
___20 Critical Global Issues Facing HR Leaders
___Developing an Effective Total Rewards Program
___Key Trends in Executive Compensation
___Workplace Culture
___Understanding the Mind of the CEO
___Managing Organizational Stress
___Finance for HR Leaders
___HR and Organizational Communication
___MBTI and HR Communication
___Developing Effective Teams
___Comparative HR Systems (US/India/China/UK/Germany/Mexico/Canada/Vietnam/Ireland)
___What do you want to see?____________________________________________

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What can you do about a high performing bully in your organization?

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Workplace bullying is well-documented as harmful to individuals and organizations. When the bully is a high-performing worker making significant financial or operational contributions, organizations often hesitate to take action. Dr. Laura Persky, Ken Pinnock, and myself researched this subject and compared the positive and negative organizational effects of maintaining high-performance bullies in the workplace. We researched the differences between demanding and bullying behaviors and provided examples that illustrate why high performing bullies remain in organizations. We researched how their behavior is exposed to public view, and the resulting consequences and outcomes. Social media plays a significant factor in highlighting and resolving bullying. This paper offers suggestions for managing high-performance bullies through a combination of education, organizational structure, job design and a pro-active data gathering process through social media and internal outreach. It may be helpful to our colleagues as they face these issues in their organizations.

The paper was published in the Global Journal of Business Research, v. 13 (1) p. 71-81, 2019, and has been a top ten journal download.

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