Birchtree Global has completed an extensive research project on selling to human resources leaders.  Over 5,000 pages of data, interviews, surveys, and research papers were analyzed to create a comprehensive profile of the information, services, and support HR leaders need from sales professionals.  This program supports both HR leaders and sales professionals in their educational development by examining the relationship between these two functions.  Participants in this program will learn:

            a. The HR leadership decision making dynamic in the C-Suite

            b. Technical and strategic value sales professionals deliver to HR leaders

            c. The criticality of financial measures and metrics for both HR leaders and sales

            c. Advantages of integrating HR and sales as one global sales team

            d. How training programs using this research improve sales and increase RFP closing  percentages using a case study

At the conclusion of the program participants will understand:

            a. Why sales professionals don’t want to talk to HR

            b. Why HR leaders don’t want to talk to sales people

            c. CEOs and CFOs requirements to approve enterprise-wide HR programs

            d. Advantages of a strategic partnerships between HR and sales

This program is recommended for sales professionals selling to human resources leaders as well as human resources leaders.

Program details:

Date:               October 15, 2013

Time:               12:00-1:30 PM EDT

Format:            Live Webinar

Cost:                $50 (PayPal and all credit cards accepted)

To Register:     Email for registration information

Accreditation:       1.5 GPHR/SPHR Credits