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Covid Response Conceptualized

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A great diagram shared by my colleague Bill Drysdale, CEO Advisory Board Chair, Vistage Worldwide, Westchester & Fairfield Counties. Bill is doing an excellent job communicating with his Vistage CEOs.  I thought this might offer some communication cues as you work with your employees, clients, and colleagues. You might use this to think about how to comfort, collaborate, and communicate.  If you don’t have a board of advisers, you might consider Vistage as a solution.

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Distance Education as a Competitive Advantage

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The 2020 Corona pandemic has underscored the utility of on line education.  It offers a connection to people that normally would be unreachable for organizations focused only on in-class training.  It is cost effective and can be highly focused, resulting in actionable results and improvements.  It’s not a simple as sending employees to Coursera or EdX and telling them to take a class, but with some corporate oversight it can easily result in the development of a learning organization and improved financial performance.  Established residential universities, which have rejected on line education, are now struggling to master the technology.  Professors that once dismissed on line education as inadequate are now embracing the technology to reach students quarantined at home.  Those of us in the corporate world embrace that effort.  As the VP Global HR with thousands of employees around the world, and a limited budget, finding a training solution that had reach and scope and was cost effective was a priority.  On line education was a solution.  The result is students and employees with broader access to flexible educational opportunities, reduced costs, top and bottom line cost improvements.

On line education is not the solution for all corporate education activities.  For new employees traveling to corporate headquarters and learning about the company is a an excellent way to both orient people and establish strong, collegiate bonds.  For senior leaders executive courses that test their thinking and management skills can work very well.  But for the majority of training and education in a company online courses can work and work well.  Especially if they are coupled with an internal professional to put them into context.

McKinsey’s excellent article discusses this and other future insights as a result of the pandemic.  Our current research on education and business financial performance aligns with this report.

For more information on how Birchtree Global trains and educates the global workforce, contact us at

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Staying Connected to Furloughed Workers

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Staying connected to furloughed workers is an organizational imperative. Not only is it the right thing to do for your employees, but it also makes top and bottom line sense financially. Join Dr. Janet Walsh, Birchtree Global, LLC President and CEO as she suggests infrastructure and HR specific techniques to stay connected. You’ll learn how staying connected helps employees in a time of crisis, but also helps your business quickly become more competitive when the crisis ends.

Please register for Staying Connected to Furloughed Workers on Apr 10, 2020 12:00 PM EDT at:

This webinar provides 1 SHRM-CP and 1 HRCI recertification credit.

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Developing a Global Talent Retention Strategy

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Watch and be inspired by Tom Collella, as he talks about developing a global talent retention strategy. Tom’s experience spans executive leadership in global talent acquisition at Walmart, Korn Ferry, and the US Government. This will be helpful as you create a rebuilding strategy after the pandemic.

Ask questions of Tom on this post and he’ll be glad to respond. See you there…

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Birchtree Global Expert Online Training Programs to Stabilize and Grow Business Operations

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To help through these tough times, Birchtree Global is opening their library of HRCI/SHRM certified courses to our colleagues. There is no charge for these programs. We’ve focused on those critical issues you’ll need to manage your workforce during the pandemic, plan for reopening, and increasing your knowledge of HR and global business.   All Birchtree Global programs are based on research and backed up by executive experience applying these strategies in a wide variety of industries. As experts in using online technologies to grow business operations we’ll share our award-winning expertise with you to help you, your employees, and business grow beyond these challenging times.

Join us from 12:00-1:15 PM each Friday for the Birchtree Global Lunch and Learn.

April 3: Developing a Global Talent Retention Strategy with Thomas Colella

April 10: Staying Connected to Furloughed Workers with Dr. Janet Walsh

April 17:  Medical Risks for Global Business and Expatriates with Dr. David Clyde

April 24: Global Workforce Risks and Challenges with Dr. Janet Walsh

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