The Birchtree Global Incubator Accelerator Program (BGIAP) is a comprehensive program, custom designed to give business leaders the information, resources, and contacts needed to make informed global market entry decisions.  BGIAP is customized for participants and organized from a for-profit corporate perspective.   Distinguished Fortune 500 C-Suite leaders, noted legal, tax, and HR firm partners, in-country government economic advisors, provide personalized instruction, advice, and support.

The Atlanta BGIAP Cohort begins on October 19, 2018 in Atlanta, GA.  Consider BGIAP if:

  1. Quickly acquiring a global corporate perspective on market entry is important
  2. Customized, expert business and economic advice will improve your decision-making
  3. Your business is globalizing, and your employees don’t have much global experience
  4. Experienced global business leaders with in-country experience will help you reduce your market entry risks
  5. Your business depends on optimizing financial performance in a foreign location

The program curriculum includes interactive live discussions, self-paced webinars, country specific materials, research data, and 3 hours of private consultation with your choice of global legal, tax, human resources, or functional experts.  The Atlanta program includes a one-day, meeting with the cohort and business executives followed by three weeks of online meetings.  Market entry research proves, and experienced global leaders confirm the 20 core modules in the BGIAP program comprise the critical information needed for leaders to make informed decisions.  Thus, BGIAP participants avoid walking blindly into the global marketplace, only to have to buy their way out of bad decisions.

The program is challenging and fast paced.  In four weeks, participants acquire the resources needed to reduce risk and increase financial performance in a new global market.   Participants will leave the program with a market entry workbook for the country or countries into which they wish to expand.  Unlike an economic development program, graduate school program, or isolated webinar, BGIAP is taught by business executives with for-profit and in-country experience globalizing businesses.  They know global business is NOT a one-size fits solution.  Your business strategy is unique.  To be competitive, your market entry decisions must be built around maximizing your strategic and operational goals.

If you want to globalize your business, we’ll give you the road map to make the best financial and operational decisions.  To find out more, call:  01 (770) 361-8285 or email: for the brochure and program outline.