MedSim is a leader in providing simulators for medical training and assessment, headquartered in Denver, Colorado.  Their products and services help medical professionals acquire, expand, and maintain their skills.  When MedSim decided to develop their Asian and European business activities they turned to Birchtree Global for help.  Birchtree provided MedSim with market intelligence, Asian and European legal, financial, tax, and human resources support. A challenging aspect of MedSim is the proprietary and patented nature of their products.  Like many other Birchtree medical device and technology clients, protecting their technology was of upmost importance.

Birchtree was able to devise a strategy that allowed the products to be shipped without exposing the technical innovation.  In addition, we were asked to complete market intelligence that provided information on the challenges, requirements, and technical details of exporting and importing proprietary devices.  For MedSim’s European operations, Birchtree was involved in establishing a human capital strategy to move people from the US to Europe and identifying locational business advantages with favorable tax terms.  We are pleased to have played a small part in MedSim’s global success.