Saxo Bank is one of the leading players in global online trading, providing both private and institutional clients with a cutting-edge platform that delivers effective, multi-asset trading from a single account. When Saxo Bank decided to establish an operation in Panama City, Panama, their leadership turned to Birchtree Global to provide a range of human capital infrastructure services including payroll, benefits, taxes, and specialized pensions. The employees of the new company were truly international. Most had worked in multiple countries and held dual citizenship. The challenge was to optimize the human resources infrastructure for both the company and the employees maximizing benefits and minimizing taxes and corporate costs. Birchtree Global constructed a solution that delivered a highly competitive benefit package for employees, which enabled the company to attract and retain excellent workers. The tax and legal issues which were part of the human resources infrastructure were constructed to maximize compliance and minimize any risk to the company or employees. We were pleased to work with Saxo Bank’s outstanding executive team in Panama City. We recently enjoyed meeting with them again in Panama to relive the excitement of a new startup in a new city and survey the wider Panama Canal.