On September 14, Executive HR leaders in Denver shared best practices and the future of global training at the IERG meeting. Daya Haddock, Host, and President of TIA, Inc mentioned her observations from the recent Oracle Worldwide Meeting and the emphasis on micro learning. All participants agreed with the micro learning concept.  Doug Nieb, EVP HR RES, pointed out the ability to create both short and long term strategy and the ability to modify that strategy in an ongoing basis was critical. Comfort with dealing in ambiguity in a fast paced environment is a growing skill need. Related to that is the ability to lead complex change in an organization and the ability to intentionally apply System 2 thinking and overcome System 1 errors. Comments from Shelie Gustafson CHRO CH2M, and Traci Kellner EVP Human Capital Beeline, noted the use of the 10/20/70 classroom/share/doing structure of training. The use of executive coaches was mentioned by several leaders as useful.  Janet Walsh, Chair, IERG mentioned using Coursera/EdX and MOOCS programs were useful when the experiences were curated, rather than randomly selected. She noted the need to focus on validation and predictive analytics when selecting educational content.  A merry time was had by all and we are looking forward to the next IERG meeting with Dr. Alison Felix, the Chair of the Denver Federal Reserve Branch, who will speak on October 11 on Denver, the world, and the west.