As the chair of the Denver IERG, I’m pleased to report the first in a series of our research reports on global business.

IERG canvassed global business leaders, 90% with over ten years of international commercial transaction experience, across all major industries and company sizes. Industry sectors include: Technology, Consumer, Supply Chain, Healthcare, Finance, and Consulting. IERG experts identified the following macro trends:

International business growth expectations are overwhelmingly positive with 61% anticipating an increase in growth, and 32% projecting growth will remain the same. Only 7% expect international business transactions to decrease in the foreseeable future.

Anticipated risks are more diverse but political 30% and payment 20% concerns dominate, followed by cultural and legal concerns at 11% each. Considering the wide spectrum of geographies, surprisingly, legal 4% and security concerns at 2% are not at the forefront.

Regions of growth were dominated by Asia Pacific at 32% and EME at 27% were seen as areas with the most potential, with South American countries at 25%. The view on North America at 13%, may be based on inherent bias of international business leaders. It appears that Africa is not yet considered a major opportunity, coming in at 3%.

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