In a mature economy like the United States, competitive business leader’s focus on corporate growth exceeding 2.5% to maintain a competitive edge.  How are companies responding to anemic growth to elevate financial performance?  The Denver International Executive Resource Group (IERG), and Mountain States Employers Council (MSEC) invite you to meet The Conference Board’s EVP, Chief Economist and Chief Strategy Officer Dr. Bart van Ark for an in-depth discussion of their research on uncertainty and global growth in 2017. This is an extremely well researched, up to date, fact-based discussion for senior leaders that will change or support your business strategy and economic planning for 2017.  He will discuss the qualitative growth factors, and trade policy risks emerging from their research.  As you may know, Dr. van Ark provides the research that comprises the government’s Consumer Confidence Index.  Dr. van Ark will also be revealing the latest economic projections. 


Program Details:

The meeting is scheduled for March 30, from 6:30 PM-7:45 PM. 

The location will be at Mountain States Employer’s Council, 1799 Pennsylvania Street, Denver, CO 80203

Dinner will follow at a Randolph’s restaurant at the Warwick Hotel, 1776 Grant Street Denver, CO 80203.  Dinner will feature a round-table discussion focusing on examples of strategic response by senior executives and industries.

There is no charge for invited guests for the meeting, but you must RSVP.  The dinner meal will be charged individually.

Please RSVP to:  Dr. Janet L. Walsh, for additional details.

Who should attend:  Senior executives (VP and above) with experience in global business who wish to acquire financial and operational advantages through access to proprietary data, would find this discussion particularly useful.  Director and manager level individuals with a need to develop global skills should attend.  Individuals who look to the Consumer Confidence Index to project future business activities will find this meeting very helpful.  Students studying economics or business, and their professors, would benefit from the discussion and the activities.  For HR leaders, this presentation is certified for 1.5 HRCI GPHR credits and 1.5 SPHR-SCP credits.

The details of the discussion and his bio are below:

Uncertainty and Global Growth in 2017 – How do They Go Together?

While the world has entered a period of greater political uncertainty, the impact on economic and business growth has been mixed so far. In the short term, uncertainties are being enjoyed by financial markets and even amongst non-financial businesses there is a positive sense of change due to new directions in fiscal policy and regulation. For the medium term, however, there are no signs yet that policy changes will alter the trend. While business needs to stay focused on strengthening qualitative growth factors, such as skills, technology and innovation, possible disruptive forces from trade policies create substantial downside risks around the medium-term growth outlook.

Some key learnings from this presentation are:

-An understanding of the growth projections and underlying drivers for countries and regions around the world.

-Assess the key risk and opportunities around the world from the new U.S. administration, Brexit, and the relationships with Russia and China.

-Obtain an informed view about the differences between trends, shocks and disruptions, and how businesses can respond to each of those.

-How to prepare your company for digital transformation in age of rising labor and skill shortages

Dr. Bart van Ark – Executive Vice President, Chief Economist & Chief Strategy Officer:

Dr. Bart van Ark is Executive Vice President, Chief Economist & Chief Strategy Officer of The Conference Board, a global research organization with its head office in New York City in the United States. He leads a team of almost two dozen economists in New York, Brussels and Beijing, who produce a range of widely watched economic indicators and growth forecasts, as well as in-depth global economic research. Van Ark is also responsible for the development of the strategy and major new initiatives of The Conference Board. Van Ark has extensively published in leading national and international journals, including the Journal of Economic Perspectives, The Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, and Economic Policy.  From 2004-2008 he has been managing editor of the Review of Income and Wealth. He is also frequently featured in major international business media, including Bloomberg, CNBC, the Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal.  Van Ark is also a Professor in Economic Development, Technological Change and Growth at the University of Groningen (The Netherlands) where he has specialized in the areas of economic growth, development economics, economic history and international economics and business. He is an internally acclaimed expert in the field of international comparative productivity measurement and analysis. He is the former director of the Groningen Growth and Development Centre, a research group working on long term economic growth and productivity, of which he still is a member.

The Denver IERG:

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